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Introducing Voices of Riverdale Park!

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The Town of Riverdale Park is delighted to announce its new program, Voices of Riverdale Park! Voices of Riverdale Park will comprise of short articles written by (paid!) freelance journalists, who will interview various characters in Riverdale Park. These articles aim to share perceptions and narratives of the community, from the community. The list includes - but is not limited to - business owners, long term residents, new residents, and so on. Interested in sharing your story or writing an article? Message us on Facebook, or call Town Hall at 301-927-6381! You can also email Program Specialist T.J. Sundberg at!

Please note that our requirements for a freelance journalist are 1) As Voices of Riverdale Park is a partnership program with University of Maryland, we will hire UMD students [preferably Journalism or Communications majors] to write articles 2) A short writing sample is required prior to being selected as a freelance writer. References are also accepted. 3) Freelance journalists will have carte blanche in their interviews, but we do have recommended questions. 4) Freelance journalists are required to fill out a W9 Form or similar document with the Town of Riverdale Park, and will be paid $50-100 per article (at a current maximum of two articles per month) depending upon length 5) This is a freelance opportunity with ongoing potential, but not a job directly affiliated with the town. 6) Articles will be subject to review prior to publication and payment.

Article Criteria:
1000 word limit, 1 page limit. 
Presently, we can only allow 2 articles in total published per month

Please note that there is a pending revision/clarification regarding this program